Thursday, March 7, 2013

Utah Life

Welcome to the winter where 32 degrees equals T-shirt weather. This winter has been a bit interesting. Glenn is looking into physical therapy programs and I am prepping to do my student teaching in the fall. If all goes well by Winter 2013 I will be celebrating my graduation. Right now we are prepping for the GRE and the Praxis exams and doing research. I am looking into part time work as a substitute teacher which will pretty much serve as teaching boot camp until I get hired to a permanent teaching job (post December) and it will help me learn to enter hostile situations while give a boost to my improvisational skills. Glenn is loosing weight consistently and is feeling great (thanks for those ankle exercises Mike, those are really helping) and he is working on his book which is going well, the mythology he is creating is rather unique (one of the reasons we became good friends in the first place, the man has interesting ideas). Anyway, that is all from here.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Vacation

While the vacation was absolutely wonderful Glenn and I got to experience a bit of an adventure before we left for Utah. We hooked little Holmes up to a line so he could play in Glenn's parents yard while we went down to the basement to gather some things. When we went back to the yard we discovered that the little guy had escaped. For about three hours we all scoured the neighborhood. What I couldn't figure out was how he escaped his harness but his collar was nowhere to be found. Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law who kept telling people about his yellow eyes, the little guy was found (also thanks to my father-in-law continually shaking Holmes' favorite toy). He was flushed out by a German Shepherd and the owner would not have seen Holmes if she hadn't known about his yellow eyes, for those were the only things she could see in the bushes. The oddest part about the whole scenario was that he kept his collar on...that NEVER happens. I have seen him remove that thing in about 30 seconds.

With that pleasant little story out of the way, Glenn and I had a wonderful visit. I planned to show him all the places I used to go when I was little but there was hardly a moment during the daylight hours. It was so much fun to play with our nieces and nephews and to hear Arwen speak Spanish, mi  sobrina preciosa.

Also, Glenn and I had fun  going through my childhood possessions. Thanksgiving dinner was a work of art. After trying the turkey and dressing Glenn turned to me and said "I understand." This was after I had been extolling the virtues of barbecued turkey since I met Glenn.

The best night was when Mike decided to show off his guitar skills and the kids started dancing.   I will post the edited videos after finals.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

So it is my first full semester back from my enforced "relaxation" which was exactly what I needed. The ulcer is completely gone. I tested this by eating at my favorite Indian restaurant. Right now I am studying Spanish Phonetics and compositions. I am very excited for this semester because I also have a class teaching me about how to teach, classroom management, a technology course (required), multicultural education, and a class about teaching children with special needs.

I just spent my first week observing an actual classroom. We have to observe at a charter school, an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. My first week was at Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy. I observed 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Mrs. Richardson was one of the teachers and she was amazing. She let me get involved with the class even to the point of giving out discipline.

Glenn is doing well at work. He finally has a schedule where we can see each other which is a change from other semesters. He is getting into great shape (Glenn: I was in shape before! Round is a shape!) thanks to working out after he is done with work and while I am still in class.

Glenn and I were woken up last week at 5 AM by thunder that rattled our windows. At 7 AM we were treated to the above view. It reminded me of home...during perfect weather. Our cat Holmes started freaking out and tried to wake me and Glenn to lead us to "safety." He also does that when I cook with chili oil and the pan is too hot. (Toxic smoke...not pleasant.)

Anyway, that is life right now.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pets and Homework

Hello again. A brief update on life before I get back to homework. Glenn and I have found a better apartment within our budget with the added bonus of a fireplace. In addition to our three parakeets we now have a black cat named Sherlock Holmes. He is quite the character and lately has taken to hiding his toy mice in Glenn's shoes. Also he has an interesting habit of scooting his water bowl around the kitchen. Glenn is enjoying the little animal; Sherlock is the first cat he has ever been able to have because he is allergic. However Glenn has yet to have any reaction to him and we have had him since early March. We adopted the little guy from a shelter. I didn't even expect to get a cat, I just wanted to look a cute animals and when I was about to put him back into his cage he wrapped his front paws around my neck, no claws. Glenn pet the little guy and rubbed his allergy test. An hour later there was still no reaction and we brought the little guy home. Since I have been trying to get off my medication I got prescribed a companion animal. That with regular exercise and I shouldn't have to be on medication for the foreseeable future.

The new apartment is 3.5 miles away from campus so part of my workout routine will consist of walking to and from next term. Some other news: I have been given a great opportunity to do mentored study with a professor in my field. I will be studying Inca micro-climate experimentation and the effects it had on Andean agricultural production. I am debating on whether or not to start studying Quechua. Unlike Nahautl there will be no glyphs and no new numerical systems to memorize. Only the Quipu which still mystify historians. Anyway, if all goes well I may produce a publishable paper. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to my professor's research and be acknowledged in his current work, either way getting my name out into the academic world.

Glenn's work at Utah State Hospital is going well. He keeps applying for permanent positions but nothing so far. So right now he is making a name for himself as a hardworking employee who is somehow able to reach even the most difficult of patients. He hopes to get a permanent position in the Boy's Youth Ward (where he has been given the nickname "The Awesome") or the Children's' unit. Most people see these units like tending a bunch of toddlers who are high on sugar and who have all been given fireworks but Glenn has a calming effect on the kids. The people in the Forensics Units seem to manage better when Glenn works those units.

Anyway, we have yet to get internet set up at the new place so right now I only have BYU's internet. We are slowly gathering furniture, mostly looking around KSL and DI for a couch. I have a lead on a workbench for Glenn. I have a project in the works but I will have to go on more walks to gather the appropriate materials. I'm thinking of making a bookshelf with the supports made from natural wood...branches and the like, with dark stained shelves. Just something to help out with stress, positive though it may be.

I'm in the market for a punching bag so if anyone can recommend a type or brand let me know. Also, I am looking for wall free mounts. So, back to the world of homework I go.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Year So Far

Okay, so I am horrible at taking pictures but since so many of my computers have died this summer I finally have an excuse. I am taking 16 credits this semester and my life is full of history and Spanish. This semester is a bit tough because I tend to get bored after the industrial revolution and two of my classes involve modern history but whatever.

Glenn and I had a wonderful surprise last Thursday/Friday when Michael, Heidi, and the boys dropped by. Two of my classes had been canceled so I skipped the early morning one (bad I know) to spend time with them. We went to the duck pond south of campus and Glenn and I couldn't help laughing at the boy's techniques. One piece of bread for them, one for the ducks, etc. Glenn got a few ducks to come very close and take the bread right out of the kids' hands. Along with Michael, Glenn and I raced Austin, Jack, and Davie up the stairs...Davie kicked my trash, I guess it is just not the same without a 50 lb backpack weighing me down. :P

Anyway, we took the boys to the Eyring Science Center and had fun playing with all the gadgets and then met up with Heidi and little Henry in the Wilk. Glenn proved his future fatherhood abilities by taking three of the boys to the bathroom and coming out with all of them clean and dry. Bookstore shopping was quite an adventure, it seems that Jack takes after his mom concerning hats and as usual I offered to buy the boys all one thing. Jack went from a $50.00 puppet (no way that was going to happen, thank you Heidi for your amazing skills at diversion) to a $20.00 puppet to a Kaleidoscope. Austin was trying to pick between a stuffed animal and a book an since the book was about half as expensive as Jack's toy I got him another one. Since Davie could not decide I got him some stickers.

Their visit came right at the end of BYU spirit week and the boys saw the balloons. The troop had just decided to take thee boys to get balloon when several students looked at them and handed each and every little boy a balloon. It was wonderful holding little Henry for the first time and Glenn and I had so much fun with the boys. It was great to catch up with Michael and Heidi.

Lately Glenn and I have been part of a Dungeons and Dragons group. It is really more of a social club and half the time we end up bent over laughing more than playing but it is a great way to get rid of stress. Contrary to the stereotype of the typical D&D player most of us in the group are married.

Recently I have been asked to be a palm reader for my friend Bria's Halloween party so I need to refresh myself on how to do it. It should be a night full of food and fun. For my Spanish class I am making Pan Muerto for El Dia de los Muertos. My professor is counting it for my presentation requirement because I am going to tell people about the origin of the recipe and the celebration. So yeah, now to Glenn.

Okay, I guess its my turn to add my two cents to this little endeavor. First and foremost let me just say I had a wonderful time with Michael, Heidi, and their minions. At one particular point Michael confided in me and said that working with the little ones is similar to herding cats. My dad is allergic to cats so I wouldn't know anything about that. Personally I was surprised how quickly I was accepted by their little clan. The natives have accepted me as one of their own. Mission accomplished.

Moving on. Before any of you blow a gasket, let me explain the whole D'n'D social group thing. For those of you with concerns or issues, let me make this abundantly clear. Unless we're getting together on Halloween, NO ONE DRESSES UP! Although Whit does put on temporary tattoos in strange places when she get board, but that's just funny. Each person playing comes up with a character that they are in control of. I think its funny that Whitney and I chose completely opposite character types. I'm playing a holy warrior who's very loyal to his order (even if he does like to mouth off quite a bit). Oh and did I mention he rides a griffon just for kicks? Whit on the other hand is a ranger whose only loyalty is to her puppy. I say puppy but he's actually a wolf the size of a draft horse. Okay enough on that subject before you all start to think I'm deranged.

Recently Whit has been having conflicts with a guy in one of her classes. You've probably all seen the type. The guy who always hogs the one workable outlet for his computer and then he doesn't even take notes. He just watches Youtube videos all through class. So in her typical fashion Whitney dealt out justice to the unsuspecting dope. She bought an multi socketed extension cord for the partially functioning wall outlet. Here's that catch. The extension cord is PINK. Like an "OH MY EYES! I'M BLIND!" hot pink. And guess what? Mr Youtube won't touch it. And now Whit and two other people can plug their computers in and actually take notes. Its a strange site to see in a college setting but still. There it is.

To clarify, the extension chord came after I called custodial to fix one of the plugs. He was bogarting the one three pronged working plug for a two pronged object...he could use the other one but I couldn't and when I pointed it out he just shrugged. The next week he had his cell phone and his computer plugged in and texted and surfed Youtube. I asked him if I could use on of the plugs because my computer was about to die (3 hour class mind you) and he said "well that sucks" and went on texting. All I asked for was 5 minutes but whatever. So, this revenge was very sweet in that it didn't really affect anybody negatively. I provided extra plugs and my computer won't die. Anyway, back to Glenn.

Well that about wraps it up for me. Work is work. I'm giving serious consideration to finding a job where I can actually talk about my job without violating federal law. Work on my book is limping along. I took a break to read Brandon Sanderson's new book. Its the only one published in a series of at least ten. Now I have to wait for who knows how long to get the next installment. Grrrr!!!! Whit refuses to have anything to do with it until the series is finished. I can respect that.

Anyway, that's it for me. See you all later.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life After Finals

Well, I have had an insane few months along with Glenn. The last two weeks before finals I had six research papers due, four of which were assigned from my Spanish Class. So I had six papers, only two of which were in english, and only one of which was less than 7 pages. I never thought I would thank a professor for making us turn in a term paper early but THANK YOU DR. HAMBLIN. I received an A on my paper on Arabic Medicine during the crusades: An analysis of its advanced nature and contributing factors. Not surprisingly I was the only one not competing for resources for that paper. As to the seven people writing about Richard the LionHeart...they were not so lucky, of course I also had access to all the record written in Spanish but that is neither here nor there. Thanks to my Hubby I was able to carry thirty some odd text books out of the library and then back again.

Anyway, back to the other papers. One of my professors had procrastinated giving us back our Initial Responses which he had made vital to all of our papers so I had one day to write that paper. I spent the weekend before finals scribbling out my Spanish Papers, Monday writing my analysis of the effect of Christianity on Byzantium, and then Tuesday came along. I had been in quite a few meetings with my Chinese Cultural History Professor regarding my paper and I was still stuck. Yep, it was due in less than 24 hours and I was stuck on my second 15 page research paper in two days. Then, a miracle happened. I sent my professor an e-mail asking if the paper was due in class or in his office at 5 (he had been known to do that) and he sent me an e-mail back giving me a week long extension. Being me I immediately printed out what I had already completed, met with him and of course...I ASKED WHY! He then explained that my various analysis were quite detailed for somebody who could not read or understand mandarin and due to the lack of resources he gave me the extra time because he had just found additional resources that he thought I could use. And then he proceeded to edit what I had and gave me additional ideas regarding my paper. The meeting ended with the sentiment that he wished I was going into eastern studies because I had a unique perspective on it. Three days later I had taken all but one of my finals, four days later I finished my paper, and five days later I turned in my eleven page typed final to the same professor who had given me the extension. Needless to say I was a bit fried...still am really.

For my b-day Glenn took me to our favorite Sushi restaurant, the same one he took me to last year...we decided that we wanted to get married the next day. This time there was a man proposing to his girlfriend in the next Tatami room...she said yes, it was cute.

We spent Easter with Glenn's parents and after a weekend of overindulging I lost 2 lbs. Now I am wearing sweat pants all the time because none of my pants fit me anymore and Glenn and I are looking into resizing my wedding ring or getting me a plain silver band to wear while I am gardening or working around the house. As for Glenn, he is working on his two books and has finally dug himself out of Chapter Nine, that was a good day for us all, and he is losing weight too. His wedding ring now fits on his index finger but it also still fits his ring finger so we are okay in that department.

Glenn and I will post pics of our exciting lives as soon as I get new jeans :p

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My favorite wedding photos

There are so many more pictures that I love and I'll post them in my next update