Sunday, March 25, 2007

March 25

This week was great. I worked every day this week, except for yesterday and today because my bosses know that I won't work on Sunday. Anyway, two really cool things happened this week. The first happened on Tuesday. It was cloudy and cold so there was absolutely nobody at the pool (except for 2 girls), so one of my bosses asked two of us to help out with the life guard certification class. Basically, me and Brianna (who sadly doesn't work there anymore) demonstrated all of the rescues that they were practicing. I spent a lot of time at the bottom of the 13 foot deep end waiting for people to practice rescuing me. There was this woman in her late 40's who didn't have a partner, so I offered to be her partner. After the class was over I asked my bosses for something to do since I wasn't on the rotation. I had just changed into dry clothes when my boss boss, the guy who hired me, called me into his office.
To clear something up, my boss never calls regular guards into his office for anything good so I was a little nervous. Anyway, I sit down and my boss tells me what a great guard I am. My mouth dropped (not really). He told me that I was one of his best if not his best life guards. He said that I was great at handeling costomers and that whenever he and my other bosses did inspections of the guards, that I always got an exceeds. He then told me that he is going to put me up for an evaluation in June so that I can get a pay raise and that he admired my leadership qualities and is looking at me for possible promotion. My friend Shelby told me some of that stuff, but to hear it from the man who hired me...I did a happy dance when I got home.
Yesterday Dad, Josh, and I went to SF and Berkely. We spent the day having fun. We got chocolate and dad saw some valentines goodies, so he got mom a heart box. I paid for dad and josh to get their names painted in that cool style and next time I am going to get one for mom. We walked all around the college campus and telegraph avenue. I bought this amazing CD on the warf in one of Pier 39's second story shops. It's called the sounds of Yosemite and it is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Anyway, that's all from here. I love you all.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 17

OK, so, another week has gone by. This week I had finals and like the great student that I am...I put in a total of zero study hours, unless you count the time that I spent in class studying (I studied in all my classes for physics...). Anyway, I passed my psychology final and I was able to keep my grade in physics. I set the curve on the AP English test (we have had three like it...I set the curve on all of them. Although I don't tell my scores, everyone else shares theirs, so it is pretty obvious that the highest grade belongs to the only person not sharing). I can't even call my ceramics final a final because I basically took a vocabulary test and finished a project. I work ten out of the 14 days I have off from school and on Friday, the senior guard didn't show up. So, Brandi (a co-worker) and I got to do our jobs and the job of a senior guard. It was actually kind of fun. People didn't show up for a while, so she got to tan, and when people came, I got to swimming while she guarded. It was a perfect day, so when it was my turn to watch the pool, I didn't even mind being wet. Anyway, that is all for this week.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March 11

Hello family.
This week hasn't been very exciting I am afraid. Yesterday we had a lifeguarding inservice and I got to be the spinal victim. Unfortunately, I was the only person in that group who knew what to do. The people kept asking me yes or no questions which we are not supposed to do so that the person does not move the head, my face was submerged under water several times, oh, and instead of adjusting the back board, they adjusted the victim. Rather than be mad, I was impressed that I remembered what to do.
It turns out that one of the senior guards is quitting this summer, so a position may be opened. My friend shelby, a senior guard, told me that I am one of the people they may consider for promotion. However, I am not getting my hopes up because I have only been working there since June and I am the second youngest life guard there. I love my job and I get paid well, so I won't be mad if senior members get promoted. Thanks to Shelby, I know my hard work is noticed. I am of the mind that they are paying me to do a job, so I do it to the full extent of my abilities. I love it there and I am very happy I decided to have that for a job.
I have decided to go to Junior prom. I won't have a date and my friend Sarah Mort probably will have a date, but she said she would want to go with me rather than with "some guy." I think that will change. Everyone is telling me that I should go with my friend Matt, but not only would that incite more rumors, but he is not mormon and I have a strict policy of only dating mormons, even if it is just a casual date. Ethan and I are having a little trouble with our friendship, and have been since December. Things are only going to get worse in April when he turns 16, so I'm glad that he is going to the Liberty Junior Prom rather than the Heritage one. I would rather have him as a friend than anything else...but he is under a lot of pressure and I don't want to add to it.
I got nominated for girls state, but I didn't make the final cut. My English teacher loves me and I haven't gotten less than 100% on all tests and essays. (I set the curve every time, he is kind enough not to mention it to the class, but they know anyway. They like the fact that I don't brag about it and instead of being mean, they ask me for tips and they ask me for help ocassionally.) Physics is killing me, but it is a hard class. I am debating whether to go into Calculus or Stats next year. With this new scheduel (four new classes each term) I have to take Calc and AP calc because they are combined. I am going to take AP English 4, AP Government and Economy, and Anatomy and Physiology. I may not take that though because Ethan will be in the class and he treats everything like a compitition. He brags that he always scored higher than I did on essays in AP European History and AP World History. It's like he doesn't want me to be better than him. I am glad that I have the friends that I do now. They accept me for who I am, not who I pretend to be. Anyway, this is a long weekly so I'll end by saying I love you all!


OK, none of those poems are new and I had to retype them by hand since I don't have Internet access on my laptop. Some of my other poems are depressing and many are very personal, so I am a little hesitant about posting them. OK, very hesitant. I will try to post more and I am going to post some story beginnings that I have written. I am seeing which idea will lend itself to becoming a book, so I will post and see what you all think. Today, I'll just post a weekly.

Secret Bottle

Amidst the tasseled undergrowth,
Through the caves and beneath the trees,
Out to the stormy shore I walked,
And then one day, I came upon a bottle.

It was very plain, brown in color,
With a soft brown cork to keep out the water.
It had no label, nor a brand
Save for the scratches of the sea.
This strangeness intrigued me and gave my cold fingers life
As I eagerly began to loose the cork.

Inside was a small piece of parchment,
Yellow with age and tied with a leather cord.
It seemed so plain, so simple,
But then I unraveled it and read that which was written.

The words were sweet as they curled around my heart;
The welcoming flood of joy quenched my parched soul.
My stomach was empty, but my heart was full,
My spirit soared like an eagle in flight,
And my eyes became the waterfalls.

When my eyes had finished treasuring the words
I slipped the parchment into the bottle and sent it on its way.
Since that day I have always known,
I didn't find that bottle, it found me.

The stones of Sin (I lost the original)

Along the road of life I walk
A stranger seeking my way home.
I strive to stay on the path,
But often I alone must stray.

The stones of sin are cast at me,
Striving to waylay my course.
I often run away from the road,
Only to find myself caught in the thorns.

I tear and strain against the brambles,
My struggles all in vain.
They rip against my hair and skin,
My clothes become tangled,
My body seeps deeper into the mires.
The mud strives to overtake me,
My mouth struggles to find the air.
My tears fall in vain, and I almost surrender my soul to death.

Then, out of the darkness and fog,
I see a light that banishes all darkness.
Then hope springs up inside my heart,
My brother is looking for me.
A hand tears through the brambles
And grips my dying soul.
I escape from my dark prison,
And follow him back to the light.

The road is hard and it takes all that I have,
But I never stop following him.
When I fall, he catches me and pulls me up the mountain.
Finally I reach the path,
Cleansed from the troubles that I faced.

My brother goes along his way,
But he left behind our father's guiding light.
Now I have a companion to walk along the road of life,
My father and brother forever staying with me.
And while the stones of Satan are thrown, I do not waver
For I have the Kings of Heaven and Earth on my side.l


Youth is a raging sea
A silent breath among the waves,
Ever changing, ever ceasing
Youth is the footsteps along the shore
Washed away by time, forever more

Youth is the sea cliffs that defy the ocean's commands
But as the mighty cliffs, youth is worn away into wisdom.
Slowly, silently, soon to be forgotten.
Youth is a silent wish, cast unto the sky.

Youth is a Sea Gull
Protected by it's elders,
Never knowing its strength.
Youth is ignorance,
Youth never knows its own potential
Until forced to spread its wings and fly.

Youth is time,
Forever changing, forever questioning.
Exceedingly strange, yet exceedingly normal
Very complicated, yet strangely simple.
Youth is a moment, forever to be forgotten by the young
And forever to be remembered by all.