Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24

Okay, my full summer will be posted when school starts because they have a faster internet connection. I got my ACT scores back, 27 cumulative, so I am going to take them again. My bosses are blind jerks and don't recognize the work that I do. They think that I don't take initiative when I get everybody to pull in the lane lines, everyone to start cleaning up, and remind the male guards to do bathroom checks after I have checked the girls bathroom. I clean up the guard room, am one of the leaders at inservice especially when we are doing scenarios, have never gotten below and "exceeds" on my audits, always have a proper uniform, am never late to work, come in when I am sick if nobody can cover for me, enforce the rules, and more. People have gone to my bosses and said how much they appreciated how I made difficult situations bearable (usually their kids mess up and instead of being rude, I politely explain things to the parents on why I gave the kids a time out and then ask the parent if they are okay with my action.) But no, when I was evaluated, the guard who treats us all like crap just listed me as average on quite a few things.

Oh, and get this, Devin, my manager, thinks I am too young for a senior guard position. When I was hired, there was a sixteen year old senior guard. Even his boss said I wasn't too young but noooooo, Devin doesn't believe him. On the bright side, Mac, Devins boss, promised me that I would be a senior guard by the end of the year and I got a raise, effective next week. I'll write more later