Friday, August 3, 2007


Hello everybody. School has started again and thanks to the lovely people at Heritage (picture those words dripping with sarcasm) I don't have a math class this year, so I have to take one at the LMC center in Brentwood. I recently got a raise at work but I had to give up cross country for that. What I am going to do is take time off for sports and then try to run with them because I love running and I want to see if I can do it. Right now things are okay. I am stressed about applying for college because I have to figure out how to send my ACT scores into BYU because the people didn't send them in and yes, I put down the college codes but there was some sort of error. My job sucks and I hate my boss and he scheduled me on the day that I have senior pictures. So I have to change my availability (I will only be working one day a week, none during sports) and get Monday off.

I am only in two real classes this term. AP Government and Anatomy Physiology. These classes are challenging and stimulating, not to mention fun. Since we have block scheduling but Government and Econ still take a full year to do, we get more done and have time to have class discussions which usually end up with us laughing at political debates. It is amusing watching candidates twist simple questions around so that they look good to the average person. Hillary Clinton is very funny. Anyway, My TA period just started. Love you all.