Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, I am almost done with finals and I think that I am going to get an A if not a high B in American heritage. I am almost certain that I will get an A in English (the hardest writing class I have ever taken!) and I aced jogging (duh). I have to present my English final to the class, explaining the rhetoric I used to persuade my audience. I'm going to miss that class, it is hilarious. Austin is leaving tomorrow so I'm not going to see him for two weeks (maybe one, he is thinking about trying out for the football team) and our schedules are going to be crazy in the fall so we'll hardly see each other anyway. I am excited to move off campus, until I move I will be staying with Megs. During the two week break I am going to hang with my friends Emma and Ditiare. Until then though I am going to focus on (as my class says) dominating my final. I have almost everything packed up and I am moving out of the dorms tonight.

I hurt my foot rather badly (I don't know how) so I'm going to go to the health center and get it checked out. I am actually sad to see the term end because I have never been so happy in my life. I love you all!