Friday, November 13, 2009

Shiatzu Massage

Well, as you guys know my martial art includes massages for healing. I need to practice before my yellow belt test (failed the last one because I hadn't practiced enough, stupid shoulder)So I need to practice. I have already offered this to mom and Meg but I am putting this out there for everyone.

The massage I am working on right now is a back massage. There are three meridians of pressure points on each side of the spine and I massage each three times; I go three times with my finger tips on each meridian, three times with my palm, and three times with my forearm. Due to my unique circumstance I also know the more advanced knee and shoulder massages though I am not as good at those. Anyway, it is a very long massage but I do need the practice. So if anyone wants me to practice on them during thanksgiving just let me know.

Also I have been experimenting with certain herbs for relaxation in the atmosphere of massage but I won't bring those home with me.

Warning, this is a pressure point massage and may unblock emotional channels. Some reactions include hysterical laughing or a bit of crying, depending on your emotional blockage. The purpose is to help the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and to clear emotional blockages. There are about 10 different hand movements I can do so consider yourselves warned. Anyway, if anyone is interested, let me know.

Oh, also a personal style that I have developed is to heat the muscles after the massage. It helps people to stay still and it is just really nice.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Random thought Drabble

I thought about posting this to odd topics but due to the personal nature of this observation I thought here would be the best place.

I tend to try to analyze the reasons for my depression to the point where sometimes I miss big reasons while I am focusing on the small ones. A big one that I have overlooked for almost 4 years is chronic physical pain.

As many of you know from my constant complaints about it I injured my right shoulder about 4 years ago during swim practice and the end of that season I pretty much gave up competitive swimming because I simply could not do it anymore. I could swim through the pain but I could not push myself like I had been.

The doctors were no help, suggesting surgery and cortisone shots and bending my arm in such a way during exams that I could not do the physical therapy afterwards which led them to rule it out. Eventually I just gave up on it and decided to live with constant pain. I couldn't swim like I used to and as many of you know I hardly go near a pool anymore even though it is my favorite thing in the world to do. Then when I came to BYU I realized that I could not even run because the position of my arms hurt my shoulder. So at long last I went to the student health center and have been doing physical therapy for some months. Ibuprofen no longer works on my shoulder so I was in pain but martial arts and physical therapy had strengthened me so I signed up for a volleyball class.

That was a mistake. I couldn't even do a bump without hurting my arm and anything overhead, out of the question. Finally I got sick of the pain which had been getting worse so I went to the Doctor again. He got me out of volleyball and into an adaptive P.E. class because he said that I was getting worse and would continue to get worse. Volleyball is now out of the question for about a year along with tennis, badminton, and any sports other than archery involving the upper body. He also gave me pain pills that I am supposed to take every day for about a year while I do physical therapy.

Wednesday was my first day taking the pills and something strange happened.

I wasn't in pain anymore! My depression is disappearing more so every day that I do not have pain. My life is still crazy but I am not in pain anymore. I feel liberated and I can do my physical therapy without wanting to die now. (An accurate description of the pain I used to feel was somebody cutting open my shoulder and rubbing glass and sand in the muscle tying the whole procedure off with lemon juice and HCL). If you all deal with chronic pain, do something about it because once you no longer have to deal with it your life takes on a new color. Recovery will be painful but with bi-monthly check ups and painkillers that work I am on cloud nine!

(By the way, I also aced a 14 page essay that I wrote in two hours...yay!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

History Research Paper

Well, here it is, my first major history paper. My Prospectus is due in less than a month and the only suggestion we have is to keep our material after 1500 C.E. Since that knocks out my current field of interest I am stuck just finding a topic. I find one that is interesting and then I ask the question "So What?" and I get stuck. Nobody really cares about the impact of the Yukon Gold Rush or the economic history of San Francisco as it developed from a Spanish Mission to a Gold Rush Metropolis. The changing sexuality of women during Queen Victoria's time may be interesting but I just cannot find enough primary source documentation.

Any suggestions for a topic? I am pretty much going to be living in the library so help would be lovely.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Just Some Videos


Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, things are going well here in Provo albeit a bit crazy. Life is incredibly busy. Education week is coming up and my bosses are working me as hard as they are working themselves. On top of that I have to move soon and will be homeless for three days. Thankfully my boss is letting me stay with her. I just have to find a place to store my things until then but my friends are going to help me with that and my friends will help me move.

As far as martial arts go I am loving it. The training is hard and I am very sore after each practice. As soon as I get the basics of one skill my sensei teaches me another. He is also a fan of springing tests on me when I lest expect it. For example, on Saturday he looked at me and said, "let's test you for your white belt today when we have some down time," he looked around and said, "we have some downtime right now. Tell me the history of Jujitsu." I passed but I quailed a bit when he said, "expect a test on your yellow belt in about a month...I can sell you one for 5 dollars." He then began teaching me the hambo and I have barely been able to move since. Developing Ki is very important and as soon as the club president gets us the packet my sensei expects me to do my breathing exercises three times a week as well as fingertip pushups and crunches every day. In addition I am now working towards a belt in Karate and I have the same sensei. What have I gotten myself into?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Well, until last week I was doing great with exercise. I am restarting again tomorrow and I am going to keep eating healthy. Kinda took a break this weekend and my body doesn't like it.

I love walking/jogging in the early morning but lately I have been so tired that I didn't go in the morning and that kind of killed my routine. Still, no time like the present to run again.

I also love my jujitsu class. Once you enter the Dojo (or our practice area in the Wilkenson Center) there is no eating or drinking aloud. Meditation marks the beginning of every session. It is brief but it helps us get into the right mindset. Then we warm up with slow drills and those lead into a new skill. I am at the lowest level (not even a white belt) but I am working hard. My homework is to do push ups on my finger tips (I'm starting by doing them against the wall) and to practice falling (I keep forgetting to put my arm at 45 degrees on the side falls). I still have to read through the pressure point and weapon packet and memorize the names of all the moves I am learning. My footwork is a bit off but my sensei says that I am improving.

More homework from Jujitsu involves stretching, lots and lots of stretching. Maybe I'll sign up for a flexibility class at BYU to help me out.

The beauty of all of this is that when I start class in a month I'll still be able to keep it up in the same schedule. I am on campus from 8-6 every day during the fall and since I am ready for the day at 7:00 AM.

If you guys want any BYU merchandise for yourselves or your kids let me know. I know when all the big sales are and with my discount (I am allowed to use it for immediate family) you guys can get a good deal. Well, I love you all with all my heart.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grandma's and the 4th of July.

The fourth of July was amazing. The parade was fun to watch but it was a bit tedious. The best part was the food and the people. A few of the guys dressed in revolutionary clothing tried to set me up with their sons which was very funny. I wish that I took more pictures, mainly so I can remember the name of the fresh mini donut stand. I went swimming after I'd had my fill of the Freedom Fair and then I had a barbecue with my roommate and our friends. My friend Daniel had just run a 10k that day, hence the shirt. Anyway, we all watched the fireworks together and then went back to our apartment complex to light our own personal fireworks. We were told to move from our first location because apparently we had woken a freshman up and he had complained to his land lord. It was more fun than I am doing justice to but hopefully some of the pictures speak for themselves.

Oh, I have been running for three weeks straight. I get up at 5 AM and try to jog. I have been feeling great since I started.

By the way, the above picture is of mom and dad in the Harris Fine Arts Center where they first met about 40 years ago.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pre-weekend excitement

Work drags on interminably as I listen to the hum of the printer, the frustrated beeps of the fax machine, and the droning of the fan that struggles to keep whirring. My fingers click on the keyboard as I relay invoice after invoice, cancel order after order, and look up the never ending list of books that customers want but just cannot grasp the title of. Hum Hum, click click, beep beep, whirr whirr. The clock is for once silent as the second hand has fallen off so I am left to count down; one hour and 38 minutes until I am done with work, one hour and thirty seven minutes. I speed through my paper work as if, rather than stacked up all around me, is really only a few sheets of paper. Soon, that is what the stacks become. Now the invoices are filed, worksheets have been completed, and faxes have been sent and I still have...1 hour and 37 minutes to go. Oh yay! More paper work to take my mind of the seemingly frozen clock.

The anticipation of the weekend to come causes my fingertips to tingle and my mind to race. The freedom festival is merely hours away and soon I will be in a world of revelry, roasted turkey legs, epic parades, and, of course, snow cones. For once the inclination to bring a camera with me rests in the forefront of my mind as I think of how lame I am for not taking more pictures. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow it will be in its leather case with my keys and cash while I race down the streets of Provo and watch WWII planes fly overhead. It will be with me if I decide to climb the Y to gaze at the fire works or if I just decide to watch them from my favorite haunt on BYU campus. This is going to be fun!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My lovely life!

Well, I am proud to say that I have not had an emotional breakdown since Christmas. Good thing the doctors found out I had PMDD otherwise life would not be fun.

I am actually really loving life right now. While at home waiting for people to call regarding my job applications I spend my time reading, painting, or, recently, making hemp necklaces. My current project is making one for my friend Melanie with a mother of pear pendant that will be attached to it. Monday I will start running again. Each time I try I keep getting derailed. First my exercise buddy had a biking accident and ended up in intensive care (she is fine and on solid foods again. I am actually going to help her recover, mostly by hanging out with her while she does physical therapy) then they asked me to work weird shifts, then I almost got hit by a flying branch during a freak thunder storm, then I hurt my get the picture. So I am starting again Monday. Meg is really my inspiration because I want to get to the point where I can run Marathons.

I have found something that tastes better than Jamba Juice. First off, I do not like dairy in my fruit smoothies, I like fruit and if I want it to be creamy, avocado. So I buy frozen fruit, add a little orange juice, and the flavor just jolts me. It is like rainbow sherbet and eating a fresh plum all in one. Plus it keeps well and is easy to make. My current smoothie keeping my eggs company in the fridge is watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, and some mixed fruit. I really like the watermelon, especially seeded watermelon, it gave it a really refreshing taste. Next time I am going to put some cucumbers and celery in with a few carrots. The problem is I ate my cucumber last night because I was craving something crunchy...same with the celery.

I get to see mom, dad, josh, and Grandma and Grandpa next week so I am super excited. What makes it even better is that I got the days off from work.

Another amazing thing, the weather here! It has been almost non stop rain and thunder storms. I could do without the wind (see above for tree branch incident) but the weather! I took a few photos with my cell phone of the mountains one morning. Take the Y and the houses out and you have the misty mountains from Lord of the Rings.

Oh, I have little animal friends now. There is this sheltie terrier mix that I play with on my way to the store and a few kitties that I play with on my way to campus. One of the cats reminds me of Mr. Peaches (Beautiful cat but strange...) so I call him Mr. P, it is a bit more manly. I have nick named the other cat Alaska because she attacked my Alaskan brochure one day. And then there is my favorite, the deer on campus that come so close that I can almost touch them.

I am a bit of a loner I must say but I really like it. It is very peaceful and my friends do stop by occasionally just like I stop by their places. I am storing up this peace because in the fall I am taking 16 credits along with working as well as helping Ethan out with classes. Apparently he values my opinion, I don't really know why...

I will post more pictures up here as soon as I take some. I plan on taking my camera with me on my Monday hike after my jog. That is if the weather is good. If not, my Monday hike will turn into a stroll around the streets of Provo with my umbrella and camera.

In the date department I am lacking. I am surprisingly shy around guys that I like... never really had that problem before. And since the guy I like is can see where that goes. He and I are friends but he doesn't talk much and keeps trying to get me to tell stories because apparently I am very entertaining to listen to. When it is just him and I hanging out he is a chatter box but when we are around other people...not so much. I work with the other guy so I'm not even going there, until my shift changes anyway.

As I write the wind is blowing, the air is thick with moisture and electricity, and the sky keeps getting darker and darker, almost as if the world were swimming deeper and deeper into the ocean.

I always have my umbrella with me now, even on sunny days because those days have lately been turning to rainy days. I am going to get a smaller one though, the one I have is a bit conspicuous.

Well, that is all from me!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photo Update

Basically here is a photo update of a bit of my life.

This was my Birthday, Taneth and Ashley decided to suprise me and my roommates got me out of the house to make that cake for me, they cut a long cake in half and put pudding in the middle so it was double layer and so yummy. Above is the cake

This was on my Birthday with my two best friends Ashley and Taneth. Taneth believes he is gods gift to women and sometimes men...don't ask why.

Me and my old roommates at olive garden to celebrate Heather's internship at Disney World. From left to right; Jasmin, Rachel, Heather, and me

Below is me and my old roommate Vicka at a baseball game, BYU was sadly destroyed.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dropping like flies

Well I am pretty depressed. Two of my friends who I see almost every day got into biking accidents. Thankfully one of them just had minor injuries but my other friend is currently in the ICU with sever damage to her liver. Guess how I found out? I heard her brother in law on speaker phone at work which is why I am now working her shifts. I freaking told her not to go biking. It was raining, the trail she was going on was slick, and I had a really bad feeling about it. I am so worried about her that I can barely keep from crying. She and I have just recently started to know each other well, before we just worked together and joked around but lately...It is supposed to be dry here, it is not supposed to be constantly raining in June.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well meg, you have inspired me.

Thanks to some of my medication (which I am going to switch for a cheaper more generic brand) I now weigh 160 lbs when I should weigh 145. So I went through my e-mail and dug out a running program that Heidi sent me. I have two friends willing to do the program with me and we are starting tomorrow. However here is where Meg's influence gets me. After I do this eight week program I am going to start training for a 5k and after I do a few of those I want to do a half marathon. I've talked to my friends and they all want to train with me. For us weight isn't a good motivator, accomplishment is. We all love sports so it will be like we are in training again. We are going to work out in the evening and I will always have my pepper spray with me to be on the safe side, plus we are going to stick close to BYU, mainly the routes that go near emergency call buttons. Also we are going to make sure that people that we live with know when to expect us back by. So thanks meg for the inspiration.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4

Well, I have a few stories. One, my air conditioning is broken. The swamp cooler was leaking so the manager decided to have it fixed. Two and a half weeks later and no go. This led to the second story.

It had been a rough day at work. It was a Friday and it is the summer so in my office it is also boiling. Well, after work I decided to reward myself with sushi. On my way to the bus stop I saw an american red cross blood drive in the wilkinson center. It had been two months since my last donation so I decided to donate. After a rather long wait they finally tested my blood only to find out that I did not have the minimun iron content in my blood, thank you mother nature. However, the story does not end there. They pricked another finger and what do you know, there was enough iron in that capillary. However they did something wrong. For a re-test you are apparently supposed to prick a different hand, they just pricked a different finger. So I had the pleasure of waiting a half an hour to find out if I could give blood. While I was waiting I looked over at the people drawing blood and one particular girl. The thought that ran through my head was "Man, I hope she doesn't draw my blood" well, after they'd cleared me, you can probably predict who drew my blood, or tried anyway.

I was waiting in the chair for 20 minutes while I heard the person tell the girl next to me that she often missed the vein. She missed mine alright, and had somebody else try. After the sixth painful try my blood finally started to flow. They tried to be nice and offer me food but the girl drawing my blood was like, "Dude, that is disgusting, you have oreo on your chest." One crumb was on my chest, oh well.

After that experience I went to sushi and after dinner while I was waiting for my bus the wind was blowing very fiercely. However, as I mentioned our air conditioning in my apartment is still broken so the windows were wide open. As I was peacefully reading on the bean bag chair beneath the window so I could get a breeze a suprise happened. My plant was blown off the window sill and the pot shattered on my head. After I had everything cleaned up I went to the store, bought a new pot, and also an aloe vera plant, and came home.

Then Eva dropped by for a suprise visit so I had to provide food and a place for her to stay. Then she went out with her friends, leaving her stuff in my apartment so I couldn't leave because I would have to lock up.

Finally I got fed up and went to a friend's apartment to hang out, leaving my door open. She seemed very offended that I wasn't home (she didn't tell me when she would be coming back) and said that the next visit she wouldn't leave her stuff with me, mission accomplished.

Moral of the story? Don't let creepy red cross people draw blood, do not sit beneath a window sill, and tell your friend that she'd better treat you with more respect or she would be sleeping in her car when she came to Utah, also she'd better chip in for food.

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

Well, nothing is really new here. I go to work then I go and apply for a second job and then I come home. My roommates do not know how to do the dishes so I get to clean them and that is pretty much my life. I am going to more ward activities now but that is the extent of my life.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7 2009

Hey Y'all. Well, life has improved since my last post. I accidentally got a social life (who needs one when you have roommates that are as awesome as mine) by mentioning that I was going on a hike to the Y today (the actual Y on the mountain...MOM and DAD, WHEN you all visit me this Summer we have to hike up there) and now a few guys are coming with me. Also I am expanding my friendships beyond apartment 21 (best friends with everyone in there...even my ex...very weird I know but eh) and I am pretty good friends with my FHE bros. I went to a surprise party Thursday but due to the fact that I started physical therapy a few days ago I was too exhausted to stay long so I hugged my friends and the birthday girl and left.

Something random has been happening lately...guys drop by my apartment just to day hi or deliver ward announcements and they end up hanging out until midnight (or like last night...1:30 AM) My friend Spencer was trying to get his introverted roommate to know people around the ward so he came to our apartment with his friend. 3.5 hours later me and Dan realized that everyone had gone...we had been talking for a while I guess. Apparently I am entertaining (on that note, my psychologist says that if I do a few things I will stop having breakdowns at family of the reasons I am in physical remove the stress of a long time injury)

Work is going very pleasantly...who am I kidding, I love my job especially when I get to work with customers instead of just speaking to them on the phone. Apparently I am a good saleswoman since on average 3 people a week buy books that I specifically recommend to them (hey, I work in an office, I don't see people often)

By the way, if you guys want stuff from the bookstore I am allowed to use my discount on family, sparingly. So VISIT ME!!!

The Unofficial Spring break is next week and it is Amazon/Indiana Jones/Mayan themed and at the end of next week there is a free dance with a bunch of activities and games including I believe a climbing wall? That is just a rumor though...hehehehe.

Everyone, I love you and I am sorry for being such a pain. You all are amazing and I know I am blessed to have you in my life. Oh, here is a standing offer by the way. If any of you ever visit Provo and want a small break from the kids I will babysit them for FREE! Or if I am visiting you...the offer stands. I miss everyone so much but I am having dinner with Uncle Jack again so the loneliness will be more bearable.

MEGHAN! Come and visit know you wanna. I promise if you do I will clear the entire day just for you (unless I work...then you would have to be alone for 3.5 hours) but if it is a Saturday hey, somebody owes me one here.

I know most of you have lived at BYU for some time but I am still enamored with it. The beautiful snow, the activities, the study materials (the wireless internet) and my favorite, the bookstore (Jk, it is the library)

Well, I should get some work done...peace

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, it is official, I have no social life. People in my apartment complex keep asking when I moved back or if I am new in the ward...right. Haven't been on a date since my blind date from hell and my life consists of school and work. I need to start studying in the Clyde Building or something...where do the history majors hang out? Last night my roommates and my friend Bryan and I watched the extended version of The Return of the King.
Work right now consists of ordering books out of catalogs. Not many people call in orders during my shift and...ugh I just remembered that I have a 7:00 AM meeting on Tuesday. Well, I'm going to watch the oscars.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10

Right now life is going at a good pace. Friday I saw mom and we had a fun time together and this Friday I am going to see a twilight themed comedy show. Inventories are next week and I am working my shifts plus some (thank Andy, more money for me). I am currently looking for spring summer housing and hoping to find somewhere closer to campus. If not...oh well. Well, I need to go to class...adios

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009

Okay, trying to update at least twice a month. Work is ridiculous. I say that because we have an office meeting today. It was originally supposed to be tomorrow and so I planned a doctor's appointment for today, okayed a study group meeting, was going to clean my apartment for cleaning checks tomorrow, was going to meet with a professor, had a meeting with a TA to help me in get the picture. Well, Andy, the guy who is always late for his shift and who usually gets out of weekends so I end up working them (a blessing yes, annoying, also yes) decided that he wanted to sign up for his apartment early meaning tomorrow at 6 when the meeting was supposed to be. My bosses asked me if it would be okay if we changed a meeting which had been planned out for a month to today.

Surprisingly I was quite calm. I let Andy know how hard it would be for me and asked him if there was any way he could sign up later tomorrow night. He said no. So now my doctor's appointment is on Friday, I cannot meet with my professor until after the assignment is due, the TA lab closes tonight, my study group cannot meet any other night so I get all the info via e-mail and therefore get any work they decide to dump on me, I get to stay up late doing laundry and cleaning, etc. On the bright evening tomorrow. It has been a rough week. I talked to my bosses about the meeting but their answer was that I could reschedule everything, he had to be there (I applied for housing at that complex, you can do it online) to renew his contract. I took my ten minute break at that point so I would not scream.

On the lighter side of the news I am single (boyfriend was already talking about marriage...we ended on good terms) doing well in my classes, eating healthier, and I am writing my books again. I guess stress brings out inspiration. Eh, I'd rather slave over a computer for an hour rather than write something in 10 minutes when stress is the catalyst but I'll take what I can get. Right now I am working on two actual books (still in the outline phase) and fan fiction to get the creative juices flowing. I am also looking for a good illustrator (a friend of course, they know me so they would know what I want) for my children's book. On that note...DAD tell stories when I am home, I have to get your syntax and diction down because the children's book is basically the stories you told me when I was little. The stars of the book...Me, Meghan, and Emily (yeah, can I use you guys in the story?) because we were the stars of your stories.

In this book classics like the 2000 Joshua's will be included (just 'cause I love you kid) and some stories Meghan and Joseph told me. I'll write a teen book credited to Matt on a story he told me, meg, and em on a backpacking trip (yes I still remember even if you don't...that story was too good to forget)

Emily can you send me some pictures of Fluffer, she will be "Poofball" (story compliments of Joseph) in some of the stories and Meg can you get me pictures of Athena or the little grey kitten (they will be "Catface")

By the way, (this is to all the family) I reserve the right to use any of your names and aspects of your characters in my stories. I have talked to several authors that have come to the bookstore and they all give me the same advice; read the great authors and write what I know. If you see characteristics of yourself in villains don't worry, the villains are mostly based off of certain aspects of my character (or what I have gathered from past journal entries) and I just add a bit of you to make them more complex and...well...better.

Side note, if anybody wants an autographed pin by the guy who writes Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites or Passage to Zarahemla I'll give it to you because it is just clutter to me at the moment.

Okay, enough about that. It is cold here and everything is ICE! I want to wear cleats when I am walking to and from home because there is so much ice. I want more snow, the fluffy ice. Regular ice must melt immediately because I said so :p. I will be taking more pictures with my camera of me and my two best friends (Taneth and Ashley) so those will be posted after they are taken. I love you all.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pictures from college life

The night breaking dawn came out...Emma and Ditiare read their copies in four hours...I took a bit longer (curse my need for sleep and drive to do well in school)

My first snowman...we named him Alfred...batman marathon...


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life in Utah

Well, it is snowing, hard. Classes have just begun and I am loving it. My bio class has no textbook (which is good because I cannot return my spanish textbook because it is a packet! grr...) and my professor is an ethnobotonist and since there is no set curriculum for biology she is going to teach the second half of the class on ethnobiology which is amazing because I find that stuff fascinating.

My Spanish class will be moderately challenging and since I plan on becoming fluent in the language I have warned my friends that I will be practicing, a lot. However, my friend Ashley also hopes to become fluent in the language. I like that the spanish class is five days a week, that will help me out immensely.

My friend and I are trying to find a weekend when I don't work to go snowboarding. So far, no go. I didn't work on Saturday but Eva was coming to visit (she arrived Saturday night and left Sunday morning...she was supposed to get in Friday night but she neglected to tell me) and I was sick with a cold. We were going to try and go this weekend as well but lo and behold my root canal is schedueled. Not only that but President Monson is coming to BYU to speak and I'll be in Arizona...can I lose a tooth instead?

Even though I somehow managed to throw my back out life is very good. Currently I am trying to help my friend Michael find a place to live up here as well as a luck on either fronts but I'll still try. Unfortunately he seems content to let me do all the work because he is in the mindset "It's too good to be true, it will never happen."

He is starting to go back to church, he promised me that he would go twice a month (I thought every Sunday would be pushing it when I made him promise...if you knew the guy you would know that his word is his word) He also wants a job so that he could pay tithing because he wants to help the church out.

My friends and I have a movie night once a week. We all pitch in for food, cook it at my place, and watch one or two movies.

Work is great. They started me on a new shift. I work from 7:45 AM to 11:15 AM except on Thursdays I work until 12:15 because the guy who comes after me has class.

For Christmas I taught each of my friends to cook their favorite recipe of mine and that warrented many gifts on their part apparently. I will never run out of lotion again.

That is all for now. My new year's resolution other than to do pilates and yoga three times a week is to update this blog once a week. I love you all.