Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009

Okay, trying to update at least twice a month. Work is ridiculous. I say that because we have an office meeting today. It was originally supposed to be tomorrow and so I planned a doctor's appointment for today, okayed a study group meeting, was going to clean my apartment for cleaning checks tomorrow, was going to meet with a professor, had a meeting with a TA to help me in get the picture. Well, Andy, the guy who is always late for his shift and who usually gets out of weekends so I end up working them (a blessing yes, annoying, also yes) decided that he wanted to sign up for his apartment early meaning tomorrow at 6 when the meeting was supposed to be. My bosses asked me if it would be okay if we changed a meeting which had been planned out for a month to today.

Surprisingly I was quite calm. I let Andy know how hard it would be for me and asked him if there was any way he could sign up later tomorrow night. He said no. So now my doctor's appointment is on Friday, I cannot meet with my professor until after the assignment is due, the TA lab closes tonight, my study group cannot meet any other night so I get all the info via e-mail and therefore get any work they decide to dump on me, I get to stay up late doing laundry and cleaning, etc. On the bright evening tomorrow. It has been a rough week. I talked to my bosses about the meeting but their answer was that I could reschedule everything, he had to be there (I applied for housing at that complex, you can do it online) to renew his contract. I took my ten minute break at that point so I would not scream.

On the lighter side of the news I am single (boyfriend was already talking about marriage...we ended on good terms) doing well in my classes, eating healthier, and I am writing my books again. I guess stress brings out inspiration. Eh, I'd rather slave over a computer for an hour rather than write something in 10 minutes when stress is the catalyst but I'll take what I can get. Right now I am working on two actual books (still in the outline phase) and fan fiction to get the creative juices flowing. I am also looking for a good illustrator (a friend of course, they know me so they would know what I want) for my children's book. On that note...DAD tell stories when I am home, I have to get your syntax and diction down because the children's book is basically the stories you told me when I was little. The stars of the book...Me, Meghan, and Emily (yeah, can I use you guys in the story?) because we were the stars of your stories.

In this book classics like the 2000 Joshua's will be included (just 'cause I love you kid) and some stories Meghan and Joseph told me. I'll write a teen book credited to Matt on a story he told me, meg, and em on a backpacking trip (yes I still remember even if you don't...that story was too good to forget)

Emily can you send me some pictures of Fluffer, she will be "Poofball" (story compliments of Joseph) in some of the stories and Meg can you get me pictures of Athena or the little grey kitten (they will be "Catface")

By the way, (this is to all the family) I reserve the right to use any of your names and aspects of your characters in my stories. I have talked to several authors that have come to the bookstore and they all give me the same advice; read the great authors and write what I know. If you see characteristics of yourself in villains don't worry, the villains are mostly based off of certain aspects of my character (or what I have gathered from past journal entries) and I just add a bit of you to make them more complex and...well...better.

Side note, if anybody wants an autographed pin by the guy who writes Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites or Passage to Zarahemla I'll give it to you because it is just clutter to me at the moment.

Okay, enough about that. It is cold here and everything is ICE! I want to wear cleats when I am walking to and from home because there is so much ice. I want more snow, the fluffy ice. Regular ice must melt immediately because I said so :p. I will be taking more pictures with my camera of me and my two best friends (Taneth and Ashley) so those will be posted after they are taken. I love you all.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pictures from college life

The night breaking dawn came out...Emma and Ditiare read their copies in four hours...I took a bit longer (curse my need for sleep and drive to do well in school)

My first snowman...we named him Alfred...batman marathon...


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life in Utah

Well, it is snowing, hard. Classes have just begun and I am loving it. My bio class has no textbook (which is good because I cannot return my spanish textbook because it is a packet! grr...) and my professor is an ethnobotonist and since there is no set curriculum for biology she is going to teach the second half of the class on ethnobiology which is amazing because I find that stuff fascinating.

My Spanish class will be moderately challenging and since I plan on becoming fluent in the language I have warned my friends that I will be practicing, a lot. However, my friend Ashley also hopes to become fluent in the language. I like that the spanish class is five days a week, that will help me out immensely.

My friend and I are trying to find a weekend when I don't work to go snowboarding. So far, no go. I didn't work on Saturday but Eva was coming to visit (she arrived Saturday night and left Sunday morning...she was supposed to get in Friday night but she neglected to tell me) and I was sick with a cold. We were going to try and go this weekend as well but lo and behold my root canal is schedueled. Not only that but President Monson is coming to BYU to speak and I'll be in Arizona...can I lose a tooth instead?

Even though I somehow managed to throw my back out life is very good. Currently I am trying to help my friend Michael find a place to live up here as well as a luck on either fronts but I'll still try. Unfortunately he seems content to let me do all the work because he is in the mindset "It's too good to be true, it will never happen."

He is starting to go back to church, he promised me that he would go twice a month (I thought every Sunday would be pushing it when I made him promise...if you knew the guy you would know that his word is his word) He also wants a job so that he could pay tithing because he wants to help the church out.

My friends and I have a movie night once a week. We all pitch in for food, cook it at my place, and watch one or two movies.

Work is great. They started me on a new shift. I work from 7:45 AM to 11:15 AM except on Thursdays I work until 12:15 because the guy who comes after me has class.

For Christmas I taught each of my friends to cook their favorite recipe of mine and that warrented many gifts on their part apparently. I will never run out of lotion again.

That is all for now. My new year's resolution other than to do pilates and yoga three times a week is to update this blog once a week. I love you all.