Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7 2009

Hey Y'all. Well, life has improved since my last post. I accidentally got a social life (who needs one when you have roommates that are as awesome as mine) by mentioning that I was going on a hike to the Y today (the actual Y on the mountain...MOM and DAD, WHEN you all visit me this Summer we have to hike up there) and now a few guys are coming with me. Also I am expanding my friendships beyond apartment 21 (best friends with everyone in there...even my ex...very weird I know but eh) and I am pretty good friends with my FHE bros. I went to a surprise party Thursday but due to the fact that I started physical therapy a few days ago I was too exhausted to stay long so I hugged my friends and the birthday girl and left.

Something random has been happening lately...guys drop by my apartment just to day hi or deliver ward announcements and they end up hanging out until midnight (or like last night...1:30 AM) My friend Spencer was trying to get his introverted roommate to know people around the ward so he came to our apartment with his friend. 3.5 hours later me and Dan realized that everyone had gone...we had been talking for a while I guess. Apparently I am entertaining (on that note, my psychologist says that if I do a few things I will stop having breakdowns at family of the reasons I am in physical remove the stress of a long time injury)

Work is going very pleasantly...who am I kidding, I love my job especially when I get to work with customers instead of just speaking to them on the phone. Apparently I am a good saleswoman since on average 3 people a week buy books that I specifically recommend to them (hey, I work in an office, I don't see people often)

By the way, if you guys want stuff from the bookstore I am allowed to use my discount on family, sparingly. So VISIT ME!!!

The Unofficial Spring break is next week and it is Amazon/Indiana Jones/Mayan themed and at the end of next week there is a free dance with a bunch of activities and games including I believe a climbing wall? That is just a rumor though...hehehehe.

Everyone, I love you and I am sorry for being such a pain. You all are amazing and I know I am blessed to have you in my life. Oh, here is a standing offer by the way. If any of you ever visit Provo and want a small break from the kids I will babysit them for FREE! Or if I am visiting you...the offer stands. I miss everyone so much but I am having dinner with Uncle Jack again so the loneliness will be more bearable.

MEGHAN! Come and visit know you wanna. I promise if you do I will clear the entire day just for you (unless I work...then you would have to be alone for 3.5 hours) but if it is a Saturday hey, somebody owes me one here.

I know most of you have lived at BYU for some time but I am still enamored with it. The beautiful snow, the activities, the study materials (the wireless internet) and my favorite, the bookstore (Jk, it is the library)

Well, I should get some work done...peace