Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grandma's and the 4th of July.

The fourth of July was amazing. The parade was fun to watch but it was a bit tedious. The best part was the food and the people. A few of the guys dressed in revolutionary clothing tried to set me up with their sons which was very funny. I wish that I took more pictures, mainly so I can remember the name of the fresh mini donut stand. I went swimming after I'd had my fill of the Freedom Fair and then I had a barbecue with my roommate and our friends. My friend Daniel had just run a 10k that day, hence the shirt. Anyway, we all watched the fireworks together and then went back to our apartment complex to light our own personal fireworks. We were told to move from our first location because apparently we had woken a freshman up and he had complained to his land lord. It was more fun than I am doing justice to but hopefully some of the pictures speak for themselves.

Oh, I have been running for three weeks straight. I get up at 5 AM and try to jog. I have been feeling great since I started.

By the way, the above picture is of mom and dad in the Harris Fine Arts Center where they first met about 40 years ago.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pre-weekend excitement

Work drags on interminably as I listen to the hum of the printer, the frustrated beeps of the fax machine, and the droning of the fan that struggles to keep whirring. My fingers click on the keyboard as I relay invoice after invoice, cancel order after order, and look up the never ending list of books that customers want but just cannot grasp the title of. Hum Hum, click click, beep beep, whirr whirr. The clock is for once silent as the second hand has fallen off so I am left to count down; one hour and 38 minutes until I am done with work, one hour and thirty seven minutes. I speed through my paper work as if, rather than stacked up all around me, is really only a few sheets of paper. Soon, that is what the stacks become. Now the invoices are filed, worksheets have been completed, and faxes have been sent and I still have...1 hour and 37 minutes to go. Oh yay! More paper work to take my mind of the seemingly frozen clock.

The anticipation of the weekend to come causes my fingertips to tingle and my mind to race. The freedom festival is merely hours away and soon I will be in a world of revelry, roasted turkey legs, epic parades, and, of course, snow cones. For once the inclination to bring a camera with me rests in the forefront of my mind as I think of how lame I am for not taking more pictures. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow it will be in its leather case with my keys and cash while I race down the streets of Provo and watch WWII planes fly overhead. It will be with me if I decide to climb the Y to gaze at the fire works or if I just decide to watch them from my favorite haunt on BYU campus. This is going to be fun!