Friday, August 28, 2009

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Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, things are going well here in Provo albeit a bit crazy. Life is incredibly busy. Education week is coming up and my bosses are working me as hard as they are working themselves. On top of that I have to move soon and will be homeless for three days. Thankfully my boss is letting me stay with her. I just have to find a place to store my things until then but my friends are going to help me with that and my friends will help me move.

As far as martial arts go I am loving it. The training is hard and I am very sore after each practice. As soon as I get the basics of one skill my sensei teaches me another. He is also a fan of springing tests on me when I lest expect it. For example, on Saturday he looked at me and said, "let's test you for your white belt today when we have some down time," he looked around and said, "we have some downtime right now. Tell me the history of Jujitsu." I passed but I quailed a bit when he said, "expect a test on your yellow belt in about a month...I can sell you one for 5 dollars." He then began teaching me the hambo and I have barely been able to move since. Developing Ki is very important and as soon as the club president gets us the packet my sensei expects me to do my breathing exercises three times a week as well as fingertip pushups and crunches every day. In addition I am now working towards a belt in Karate and I have the same sensei. What have I gotten myself into?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Well, until last week I was doing great with exercise. I am restarting again tomorrow and I am going to keep eating healthy. Kinda took a break this weekend and my body doesn't like it.

I love walking/jogging in the early morning but lately I have been so tired that I didn't go in the morning and that kind of killed my routine. Still, no time like the present to run again.

I also love my jujitsu class. Once you enter the Dojo (or our practice area in the Wilkenson Center) there is no eating or drinking aloud. Meditation marks the beginning of every session. It is brief but it helps us get into the right mindset. Then we warm up with slow drills and those lead into a new skill. I am at the lowest level (not even a white belt) but I am working hard. My homework is to do push ups on my finger tips (I'm starting by doing them against the wall) and to practice falling (I keep forgetting to put my arm at 45 degrees on the side falls). I still have to read through the pressure point and weapon packet and memorize the names of all the moves I am learning. My footwork is a bit off but my sensei says that I am improving.

More homework from Jujitsu involves stretching, lots and lots of stretching. Maybe I'll sign up for a flexibility class at BYU to help me out.

The beauty of all of this is that when I start class in a month I'll still be able to keep it up in the same schedule. I am on campus from 8-6 every day during the fall and since I am ready for the day at 7:00 AM.

If you guys want any BYU merchandise for yourselves or your kids let me know. I know when all the big sales are and with my discount (I am allowed to use it for immediate family) you guys can get a good deal. Well, I love you all with all my heart.