Saturday, November 20, 2010


Okay, I love cooking so I figured I would post some of my healthy recipes here for anyone to try.

Brown Rice Cakes
Serves 4

1 C cooked brown rice
1 egg
grated carrots
cooked chicken
ginger, fresh or powdered
2-4 tbs soy sauce
green onions
4 tbs sesame seeds

combine all ingredients in a blender or a small chopper, coarsely puree
Heat a pan on the stove with light olive oil
Form mixture into small patties (scoop out with a table spoon to get the right amount)
Put patties in the pan and cook on each side until golden brown

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well, the leaves finally decided to turn here in Provo. Today Glenn and I went on a walk to my favorite park and we decided to have fun and take pictures. The weather was nice and crisp and there were only a few other people out walking about. It was just a beautiful day. In these pictures you may notice my infamous red hair, it is going away. Thank goodness for temporary dyes.

I just told him to pose and he did. I love him

The above is my favorite of Glenn
It's called veteran's park, every city has one I am sure. This is a replica of an anti aircraft gun and yes, people are allowed to climb on it.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ah Utah

Well, I found out that my weak knees were not the problem when I was running, well, not the only problem. I was looking at my running shoes the other day and realized that they are almost completely worn down and haven't been giving me adequate support. So I am going to ask Glenn for an early Christmas present and get new running shoes. Yeah, it is going to suck rebuilding the cardio but I still have the muscular endurance so 3o min on a bike and 30 minutes running for the next month should put me back on my way.

And as you all know how much I love being right since that is so rarely the case and we finally got Glenn new street shoes because I was convinced that his old shoes were causing his ankle problems. It has been one week and he hasn't had any ankle problems. I love being right, especially when me being right helps relieve my husband's pain. Unfortunately, due to his permanent nerve damage I will be running alone which means no iPod for Glenn's peace of mind.

This is a rather shoe heavy blog but I shall go on. Glenn got me a new pair of Galoshes because we had a little snow storm the other day and my feet were soaked. And thanks to my circulation which is about the same as that of a corpse he was worried that my feet were freezing after an hour of them being under a blanket. Another reason to get back to running. Until I get new shoes however, I will try to talk Glenn into walking three miles with me a few times a week. Well, that is all from here. Bye

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chapter 1

Hello Everyone,
Two people responded so that's good enough for me. As such I'm copying over the first chapter now. Please keep in mind this a very rough draft. Anyway let me know what you think and if you would possibly want to read more. Enjoy.


P.S. There is a prologue but I didn't want to start you off with it. It reads a little like the old testament.

Chapter 1

Pain was the harbinger of my rebirth. A cold scorching pain, like a thousand acid icicles had lodged themselves in his skin; stabbing, freezing, and searing every part of me. I could still remember what it was like to take that first gasping breath. The feeling of cold dry air cascading into my lungs seemed both novel and natural somehow. Of course breathing brought with it new sensations, most of them less than pleasant. How long had I lain in agonized prostration? I’m not really sure. Time, or at least my perception of it, can be somewhat unreliable when under the duress of pain. Slowly, ever so slowly, the racking spasms subsided and I came to myself. Actually that’s not quite accurate. Maybe it’s just semantics, but is it possible to come to yourself if you have no idea who you are?

My surroundings were simple enough. Calling it a cabin would be something of an overstatement. It was more like a shack. The furnishings were sparse: a stool here, a table and work bench there. Tools too old and rusty to be useful lay scattered about the floor, accompanied by several tightly woven medium sized bags. Slivers of predawn light trickled in where the seams of wall boards failed to meet. Next to the door a long coat and broad brimmed hat made from the same nondescript leather hung from pegs.

I looked down at myself half expecting to see blackened flesh and possibly a few missing limbs. To my surprise - and relief - my body looked more or less intact. No mutilations, puddles of gore, or severed bits that I could see. Definitely a plus.

My clothing was as unpretentious as the clothing on the wall. A simple shirt and trousers with a sturdy vest enclosed an athletic frame. The only remarkable item was a silver ring with a curious blue stone on my left hand.

Sand scrapped against the floor boards and shifted under hand and foot as I rose tentatively from the floor. I paused and glanced down. What appeared to be an enormous circular sand painting had been crafted in the center of the room underneath me. Grains of almost every color imaginable spiraled and swirled across the floor to congeal into various tinted pools. Multiple symbols made of a sand that seemed to shine with remarkable brilliance given the dim light lay partially smeared by my awkward rise. They were aligned in a row along where I’d had lain. Seven items lay on the outer edge of the painting: a large blue-black stone made smooth by the patient care of a river’s flow, a small plant with its roots still attached and wrapped in the protective embrace of a heavy cloth sac, a bowl filled with clean water, a small handheld fan, a long dry bone, a single burning candle, and at the head of the diagram a small silver pocket watch and chain. The back of the watch bore a strange symbol. Each item surrounded by its own small circle of sand.

On the table there was a shoulder pack made of a simple yet sturdy fabric. Next to it was a black long sword. The guard seemed to sweep up from the handle and extend out only slightly over the end of the scabbard turning abruptly and ending in two fang like points. Both the guard and pummel of the weapon were constructed from a silver colored metal. The handle and scabbard were black and accented with silver filigree. A simple belt of black leather was attached and coiled around the weapon like some kind of flattened serpent. Leaning against this very unusual weapon was a piece of folded white paper. Lastly - and probably most important at the time - was a plate of food and a water skin.

I descended upon the hapless vittles and consumed them ravenously; pausing only to quench my parched throat. The food was of a hardy variety - made to keep with very little thought given to taste yet still providing plenty of energy, To me it might as well have been the nectar of the gods.

After a few moments of engorging myself, my attention finally turned to the paper on the table. Still gnawing on a piece of dried meat I unfolded the letter and began to read.

Hello Soldaran,
You are no doubt wondering why you’ve found yourself in a strange place. If everything went as planned you won’t remember a thing, not even writing this letter. I wish I could shed some light on the situation, but I can’t. I know you’re curious. Don’t be. That line of reasoning will get you killed. Suffice it to say you’re being hunted. And it’s vital that the people looking for you never find you. The pain you have just experiences is nothing compared to what you’ll meet at their hands. If you try to retrace your steps they will find you, follow you, catch you, and most likely kill you. Please trust me. There is a very good reason why I did this to you . . . or, why we did this to us. Its better if no one ever unearths what I’ve labored so hard to conceal. Time is your only advantage but you have precious little of it. EAT UP, GRAB YOUR GEAR AND GO! Don’t stop running and don’t slow down for any reason. Don’t trust anyone, not even with your name. Whatever you do don’t get separated from this weapon. If you do you’ll die within a few days. Only use it if you absolutely have to. And above all, DO NOT GET CAUGHT!!!


P.S. Try not to get yourself killed. That’s my life your playing with.

Soldaran? Who was that? The name didn’t sound familiar. I tried to recall if I had ever met anyone by that name, to no avail. I tried to recall a face to go with the name.


My mind froze in horrified shock. The more I pondered the subject the more I realized that I didn’t recall anyone from my life: parent’s siblings, cousins, neighbors, teachers, friends, enemies. They were all completely gone. In a panicked frenzy, I tried to recall someone. Anyone, but it was no good. Every relationship of my life, every person, every face I had ever known had vanished from my memory, as if consumed by the cold flames of my rebirth. The more I concentrated the less I seemed to recall. I broadened my mental search to include more general things: places I had seen, important events of my life, my own name.

Still nothing.

It was simply gone. My life, all I’d known and everything I was had been stolen away from me. Replaced by a cold, empty, unnatural vacuum. The realization was unsettling but not as striking as one might think. Can you truly miss something that you don’t recall ever having in the first place?

There was one other avenue of logic my brain didn’t wish to consider, but I was at a loss for any other viable explanation. Regardless it warranted testing. I rummaged around in the pack until I found a pen and an ink well. With aching fingers and tentative strokes I repeated the phrase “DO NOT GET CAUGHT!” an inch or two below the post script.

The handwriting matched perfectly.

Apparently I had written a letter to myself. A little ostentatious perhaps, but effective none the less. Whatever had happened to me had obviously occurred by design. My design. But why would I have my own memory taken away? That possible purpose could that serve?

Then I heard it, a low long savage howl. The kind of howl that summons a deep primal fear. My brain screamed at me to run but my leg failed to comply. The call was soon answered by others. What kind of pack hunts during daylight hours? Then it hit me. Predators don’t hunt during the day, hounds do! I’d never heard a howl like that - at least not that I could recall - but one thing was certain. I did NOT want to be here when those things arrived.

I snatched the coat off its peg with a speed and accuracy that surprised me and adorned it in a single fluid motion. Then I hastily repacked the shoulder bag and slung it over my head. The strap tugged on my neck just before the bag itself collided with the small of my back with a reassuring thump. After hastily securing a secondary strap across the lower half of my chest. This one designed not to bare weight but rather to secure the bag itself in place. I retrieve the hat and stuffed it on my head. Finally, I grabbed the sword off the table and flung the door open with my other hand. I decided it would be better to have the sword readily accessible should those things overtake me.

The landscape outside was stern and mountainous. Large rocky slopes and shrubby grass predominated the area. Evergreen trees stippled the landscape. Thankfully, the tree line was within sight about a half mile away. I headed strait for it. My soft leather boots somehow gripping the hard stone allowing me to ricochet from rock to rock bounding towards the safety of the trees. My heart pounded in my ears with the sudden exertion. Muscles flexed and pounded against the granite underfoot, both refusing to give any quarter. In a matter of moments I reached the relative safety of the trees. At least here I would be harder to spot.

A sudden noise caused me to turn. This was not the same blood curdling howl I had heard before. This cry was decidedly less canine but no less terrifying. A quasi human shriek shattered the early morning stillness with its high pitched wail that seemed comprised of equal parts anger and frustration with the promise of grim retribution. Moments later there was a sudden rush of air and the shack irrupted in an instant pillar of red hot flame. Monstrous figures stood in stark silhouettes against the blaze. Some almost human, others disturbingly less so. One in particular stood eerily still a top mountainous steed watching the flames lick higher into the early dawn sky. I could almost catch a glimpse of heavy metal armor reflected in the light of the conflagration. The horse was flanked by two creatures that appeared for the most part human, except for their size. As bulky and tall as the war horse was these two towered over it by at least a full head. Each possessed the kind of built that attested to years of vigorous combat experience. Other silhouettes - more animal than human - prowled back and forth; their noses pressed to the ground. Suddenly a head snapped back and one of the marginally canine monstrosities howled, signaling to the others that he’d caught my scent.

I was out number, facing what looked liked well armed, well trained - not to mention well muscled - opponents, and my position had just been given away. So I decided to take my own advice.

I ran.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If anyone is interested in reading the first few chapters of my book I'd be more than happy to post them. Believe me I need as much constructive criticism as I can get. Comment if you want to read it.

Jack-o-Lantern Fun

Last Night Glenn and I had some friends for the ward come over and we had a pumpkin carving contest and watched Hocus Pocus. Here was my pumpkin (Glenn has not yet finished his, going the artistic route)
I think I need to carve out the scars a bit more so more light shines through

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Maiden Voyage

In case any of you are wondering. Yes this is my first time blogging. I've been resisting it so long, but if this is the best way to keep in touch with my in-laws . . . then so be it. So with no further delay here's what's been happening with us lately.

Whitney and I have been experimenting in the kitchen. Today we made this interesting rice paddies. The original recipe was a little bland for us so we decided to throw in some sesame seeds and it worked really well. Next time we make this dish we're going to throw in some chicken and see how it works. Then later on in the day we made chocolate cup cakes with home made whip cream. Yum. We tried to invited some friends of ours over to share in our delicious cup cakes. Only the wife came over. The husband was stuck in a WOW raid. His loss.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, I've been working on a book for quite a while now. If I had to describe in a single sentence I would say its kind of like the fantasy book version of the borne identity. Right now I'm working on plot continuity and setting. There's a lot of work to do, but its fun to work on and that's all I really care about right now. If I had to describe my writing style I would say its somewhere between Brandon Sanderson and Jim Butcher. Lots of originality and twists combined with awesome humor and first person observation.

Well I don't know if this is an appropriate place to stop, but I'm going to anyway.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Married life

Well, Glenn and I got back to Utah last Wednesday and I have had a very bad cold since then, as in I was barely able to get off the couch until...oh about 3 hours ago. Glenn has been taking very good care of me. We have most of our stuff unpacked but have to wait for my friend Ashley to pick up her bags...which is a source of huge annoyance for both me and Glenn but that is another story. I will get the pictures from the wedding Saturday and now I am going to go pass out.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Update

Well, everything is going great over here. I am going in for my final fitting Thursday for my dress and to top it all off, I am moving into my new apartment. Glenn will obviously be moving in after the wedding. I love the new apartment. It is south of campus and far enough away to avoid the traffic and...I just love the area. It is beautiful, it has huge trees, lilacs in the spring, and a beautiful courtyard.
I am finally off of bathrooms at work, no more urinals! I have Friday off of work because of pioneer day. It is still weird to me that Utah treats it like an actual holiday. Of course, the Monday after the wedding Glenn's parents decided to have a mini family reunion since all of their kids will be in California anyway. It sounds fun. Oh, just FYI, I am not going to have a cell phone for a while because I won't be on mom's plan anymore and it will take Glenn's parents a little while to put me on theirs because they are so busy. It is $9 a month versus $70 a month for both Glenn and I.
Oh, and my whole "lose weight before the wedding" didn't really work out, please no fat jokes. I am in great shape, I am just a little...fluffy. I figure if I can walk 9 miles 3 times a week without getting winded I am good. I do want to start going to the GYM again when school starts. I chalk it up to an unhealthy amount of self esteem. Hahahaha, anyway, can't wait to see you all

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Me and Glenn

Okay, this has been a long time coming. Details about the courtship and everything. I would like to thank Meghan for this update because she wanted to see a picture of the ring so I figured, why not?

Okay, as most of you know, Glenn and I met in the Budoshin Jujitsu club. One day I got to the Wilkinson Center early because I was going to see a movie with my former bosses. After looking at computers for fun I saw some people practicing a martial art. At the time I had no idea what it was so I watched for about an hour and when they were done I asked what it was about. Two hours later Glenn and I were sharing our favorite episodes of a web series called "Red vs. Blue" a show based off of the Halo games. I joined the club the following Wednesday and Glenn and I quickly became best friends. To be perfectly honest I developed a crush on him a few months into the club but when danced around the topic he mentioned that he could not date anyone with more than a difference of 5 years over or under. Little me, I am 8 years younger than him. Everyone in the club knew that I liked him except for was a very interesting nine months. We went on about eight non-dates. Terms like "cradle-robber" tend to kill any romantic hope. Finally I decided to move on and I met a blind date to see if we clicked so we could go to preference. He stood me up so Saturday Glenn came over to cheer me up with "Avatar the Last Airbender" and the whole "buddy cuddle" occurred. My roommates all knew that I liked him so they were full of questions but I wasn't getting my hopes up. By the next Wednesday my nine months of patience had paid off.
Okay, I absolutely love the beard. Anyway, now some information about Glenn. He is the youngest of 6 boys and he grew up in Eldorado County in California where we are spending our honeymoon (he knows that I am a history nut so he thought he would take me to some major gold rush sites) He was born July 4, 1982 and served a mission in the Dominican Republic. He majored in Neurological Science and minored in ballroom dance... and he met me in martial arts, that is ironic. Believe me when I say that he is the perfect man for me even down to the sense of humor. He is also writing a book, but the hilarity of that is for another post. Anyway, I love you all and I hope to see you guys at the wedding.

Oh wait, I forgot the details about the ring. The stone is a Fire Opal and his grandfather cut the stone around the time I was born. He took a jewelry manufacturing class around five or six years ago and made the ring. He mentioned it and I wanted to see it. When I was playing around with it one night we discovered that it fit my ring finger perfectly. So that is the story of the ring


Okay, this is great for me to report. Invitations should finally go out either Monday or Tuesday for all of you who requested a hard copy. For all of you who did not, I can e-mail you the invitation today...actually, I am just going to e-mail it and post it here

And here was option number 2 which I really liked

I know the quality isn't great but it will be better in the e-mail

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Okay, last week was the most stressful week I have endured yet at college. In fact, it was so stressful that somebody asked me what was wrong last week and I could not remember a single thing. The entire week is blank. I do remember that one day my immune system gave out and I spent 2 hours wanting to die in my Spanish Lab and Spanish class and then I called in sick to work and went home. In total I slept for about 22 hours that day. Saturday I was so weak and tired that all I could do in Jujitsu was curl up in a corner and try to meditate. Sunday...yeah, another blank. Monday felt like vacation. I only have 4 papers due this week, two of which were turned in this morning. Work is very busy it being conference time but nothing can be worse than the "week of blank" as my bosses called it. All I know is that I have 20 more days until I am done with class and finals. YAY! And I get to come visit California for a little this summer. Woot!

Monday, March 22, 2010

New York Pictures

New York 2003: Note, captions are below the images

Hello everyone. I am finally posting pictures...most of them from my visit to New York when I was 13. Above is a picture of me in where they originally printed the Book of Mormon
The printing house is now built within another building and here is me knocking on the door of the original building.
The rebuilt the Log House and here is where Joseph Smith's bed was and where Moroni appeared.
Here is the printing press. At the time I was enamored with the machines because I had done a report on Johannes Gutenberg so whenever Wendy and I went to a place that had a printing press she always showed it to me.

Wendy in the Frame House
The Sacred Grove

And below are some perspective shots that Wendy, James, and I did for fun

And a last one, one of my favorites

The funny thing is that James very well could have given me a boost like that, at my full size

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crazy Week

Oh my goodness, this week has been absolutely insane. I have been taking test after test after test and I have a 12 page research paper due next Friday. I just got my prospectus back a few days ago and now I have to narrow my topic. The problem is that I have to stick with the Inca's because of all the research I have done when I really want to switch to the Aztecs. The problem with my major is that each paper has to contribute something new, some new interpretation, that hasn't been done before. I think I will stick with the economic superiority of the Incas over the Spaniards in spite of the complete lack of outside trade.

As far as everything else, I have taken 6 tests in 2 weeks and managed to get A's on all of them while keeping working extra hours at work and keeping up with jujitsu. I thought that I had everything under control until I was thrown a major curve ball this Wednesday. Not that dating my best friend is a bad fact, it is a great thing. Thank goodness the semester will be over in about a month though because that way I can replace school with a second job and have more free time. Well, that is my life. Found my camera chord, now I am looking for my camera.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, I was planning on posting a bunch of pictures of me and my friends but I have lost my camera cord for the moment. Pictures should be up by Saturday. On the brighter side of life all my classes are amazing and in my Latin American History class I had a moment of "this is exactly what I want to do with my life" so it is going to be great. Decided on a Spanish Minor instead of a double major because it was 85 credits. Doesn't sound like a lot but when you consider my current major is 84 credits including internships...yeah. Well, hopefully I'll find that stupid cord