Saturday, June 12, 2010

Me and Glenn

Okay, this has been a long time coming. Details about the courtship and everything. I would like to thank Meghan for this update because she wanted to see a picture of the ring so I figured, why not?

Okay, as most of you know, Glenn and I met in the Budoshin Jujitsu club. One day I got to the Wilkinson Center early because I was going to see a movie with my former bosses. After looking at computers for fun I saw some people practicing a martial art. At the time I had no idea what it was so I watched for about an hour and when they were done I asked what it was about. Two hours later Glenn and I were sharing our favorite episodes of a web series called "Red vs. Blue" a show based off of the Halo games. I joined the club the following Wednesday and Glenn and I quickly became best friends. To be perfectly honest I developed a crush on him a few months into the club but when danced around the topic he mentioned that he could not date anyone with more than a difference of 5 years over or under. Little me, I am 8 years younger than him. Everyone in the club knew that I liked him except for was a very interesting nine months. We went on about eight non-dates. Terms like "cradle-robber" tend to kill any romantic hope. Finally I decided to move on and I met a blind date to see if we clicked so we could go to preference. He stood me up so Saturday Glenn came over to cheer me up with "Avatar the Last Airbender" and the whole "buddy cuddle" occurred. My roommates all knew that I liked him so they were full of questions but I wasn't getting my hopes up. By the next Wednesday my nine months of patience had paid off.
Okay, I absolutely love the beard. Anyway, now some information about Glenn. He is the youngest of 6 boys and he grew up in Eldorado County in California where we are spending our honeymoon (he knows that I am a history nut so he thought he would take me to some major gold rush sites) He was born July 4, 1982 and served a mission in the Dominican Republic. He majored in Neurological Science and minored in ballroom dance... and he met me in martial arts, that is ironic. Believe me when I say that he is the perfect man for me even down to the sense of humor. He is also writing a book, but the hilarity of that is for another post. Anyway, I love you all and I hope to see you guys at the wedding.

Oh wait, I forgot the details about the ring. The stone is a Fire Opal and his grandfather cut the stone around the time I was born. He took a jewelry manufacturing class around five or six years ago and made the ring. He mentioned it and I wanted to see it. When I was playing around with it one night we discovered that it fit my ring finger perfectly. So that is the story of the ring


Okay, this is great for me to report. Invitations should finally go out either Monday or Tuesday for all of you who requested a hard copy. For all of you who did not, I can e-mail you the invitation today...actually, I am just going to e-mail it and post it here

And here was option number 2 which I really liked

I know the quality isn't great but it will be better in the e-mail