Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Update

Well, everything is going great over here. I am going in for my final fitting Thursday for my dress and to top it all off, I am moving into my new apartment. Glenn will obviously be moving in after the wedding. I love the new apartment. It is south of campus and far enough away to avoid the traffic and...I just love the area. It is beautiful, it has huge trees, lilacs in the spring, and a beautiful courtyard.
I am finally off of bathrooms at work, no more urinals! I have Friday off of work because of pioneer day. It is still weird to me that Utah treats it like an actual holiday. Of course, the Monday after the wedding Glenn's parents decided to have a mini family reunion since all of their kids will be in California anyway. It sounds fun. Oh, just FYI, I am not going to have a cell phone for a while because I won't be on mom's plan anymore and it will take Glenn's parents a little while to put me on theirs because they are so busy. It is $9 a month versus $70 a month for both Glenn and I.
Oh, and my whole "lose weight before the wedding" didn't really work out, please no fat jokes. I am in great shape, I am just a little...fluffy. I figure if I can walk 9 miles 3 times a week without getting winded I am good. I do want to start going to the GYM again when school starts. I chalk it up to an unhealthy amount of self esteem. Hahahaha, anyway, can't wait to see you all