Friday, February 11, 2011

Life as we know it...currently

Well, Glenn has a great job now that will open many doors for him. He works at a home for people with mental disabilities. The sad part is that he has to be on call all of the time but he seems to enjoy the work. I cannot really say what he does because he cannot tell me any specifics so just to be on the safe side I don't ask him any questions that could tow the line. He does love it although it does get to him sometimes.

School is going okay, I spend hours in the library just to spend more hours reading and writing. My current research topic for my Crusades class is Arabic medicine during the crusades and why it was more advanced than that of the Europeans. In my history of the Near East class I have to focus on the Middle East under Rome and draw my own conclusions about a topic to be given at a later date. I am probably going to chose to write a paper on Martial Arts in China.

Speaking of that I lost a bet with my sensei. My shoulder is not strong enough for me to do some of the more advanced rolls so I have yet to belt up. He wants me to be up to strength next month so we are striking a unique balance between strength training and healing.

Anyway, that is all from here.