Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life After Finals

Well, I have had an insane few months along with Glenn. The last two weeks before finals I had six research papers due, four of which were assigned from my Spanish Class. So I had six papers, only two of which were in english, and only one of which was less than 7 pages. I never thought I would thank a professor for making us turn in a term paper early but THANK YOU DR. HAMBLIN. I received an A on my paper on Arabic Medicine during the crusades: An analysis of its advanced nature and contributing factors. Not surprisingly I was the only one not competing for resources for that paper. As to the seven people writing about Richard the LionHeart...they were not so lucky, of course I also had access to all the record written in Spanish but that is neither here nor there. Thanks to my Hubby I was able to carry thirty some odd text books out of the library and then back again.

Anyway, back to the other papers. One of my professors had procrastinated giving us back our Initial Responses which he had made vital to all of our papers so I had one day to write that paper. I spent the weekend before finals scribbling out my Spanish Papers, Monday writing my analysis of the effect of Christianity on Byzantium, and then Tuesday came along. I had been in quite a few meetings with my Chinese Cultural History Professor regarding my paper and I was still stuck. Yep, it was due in less than 24 hours and I was stuck on my second 15 page research paper in two days. Then, a miracle happened. I sent my professor an e-mail asking if the paper was due in class or in his office at 5 (he had been known to do that) and he sent me an e-mail back giving me a week long extension. Being me I immediately printed out what I had already completed, met with him and of course...I ASKED WHY! He then explained that my various analysis were quite detailed for somebody who could not read or understand mandarin and due to the lack of resources he gave me the extra time because he had just found additional resources that he thought I could use. And then he proceeded to edit what I had and gave me additional ideas regarding my paper. The meeting ended with the sentiment that he wished I was going into eastern studies because I had a unique perspective on it. Three days later I had taken all but one of my finals, four days later I finished my paper, and five days later I turned in my eleven page typed final to the same professor who had given me the extension. Needless to say I was a bit fried...still am really.

For my b-day Glenn took me to our favorite Sushi restaurant, the same one he took me to last year...we decided that we wanted to get married the next day. This time there was a man proposing to his girlfriend in the next Tatami room...she said yes, it was cute.

We spent Easter with Glenn's parents and after a weekend of overindulging I lost 2 lbs. Now I am wearing sweat pants all the time because none of my pants fit me anymore and Glenn and I are looking into resizing my wedding ring or getting me a plain silver band to wear while I am gardening or working around the house. As for Glenn, he is working on his two books and has finally dug himself out of Chapter Nine, that was a good day for us all, and he is losing weight too. His wedding ring now fits on his index finger but it also still fits his ring finger so we are okay in that department.

Glenn and I will post pics of our exciting lives as soon as I get new jeans :p

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My favorite wedding photos

There are so many more pictures that I love and I'll post them in my next update

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Year

Okay, as most of you know I have been working very hard to lose weight and I am happy to say that since February I have lost 22 lbs with 18 more to go. By July I should be down to 140 lbs and on my way to losing more. Anyway, just wanted to update everyone. Glenn has been losing weight too but he doesn't like scales. Love you all and I am off to the gym