Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Year So Far

Okay, so I am horrible at taking pictures but since so many of my computers have died this summer I finally have an excuse. I am taking 16 credits this semester and my life is full of history and Spanish. This semester is a bit tough because I tend to get bored after the industrial revolution and two of my classes involve modern history but whatever.

Glenn and I had a wonderful surprise last Thursday/Friday when Michael, Heidi, and the boys dropped by. Two of my classes had been canceled so I skipped the early morning one (bad I know) to spend time with them. We went to the duck pond south of campus and Glenn and I couldn't help laughing at the boy's techniques. One piece of bread for them, one for the ducks, etc. Glenn got a few ducks to come very close and take the bread right out of the kids' hands. Along with Michael, Glenn and I raced Austin, Jack, and Davie up the stairs...Davie kicked my trash, I guess it is just not the same without a 50 lb backpack weighing me down. :P

Anyway, we took the boys to the Eyring Science Center and had fun playing with all the gadgets and then met up with Heidi and little Henry in the Wilk. Glenn proved his future fatherhood abilities by taking three of the boys to the bathroom and coming out with all of them clean and dry. Bookstore shopping was quite an adventure, it seems that Jack takes after his mom concerning hats and as usual I offered to buy the boys all one thing. Jack went from a $50.00 puppet (no way that was going to happen, thank you Heidi for your amazing skills at diversion) to a $20.00 puppet to a Kaleidoscope. Austin was trying to pick between a stuffed animal and a book an since the book was about half as expensive as Jack's toy I got him another one. Since Davie could not decide I got him some stickers.

Their visit came right at the end of BYU spirit week and the boys saw the balloons. The troop had just decided to take thee boys to get balloon when several students looked at them and handed each and every little boy a balloon. It was wonderful holding little Henry for the first time and Glenn and I had so much fun with the boys. It was great to catch up with Michael and Heidi.

Lately Glenn and I have been part of a Dungeons and Dragons group. It is really more of a social club and half the time we end up bent over laughing more than playing but it is a great way to get rid of stress. Contrary to the stereotype of the typical D&D player most of us in the group are married.

Recently I have been asked to be a palm reader for my friend Bria's Halloween party so I need to refresh myself on how to do it. It should be a night full of food and fun. For my Spanish class I am making Pan Muerto for El Dia de los Muertos. My professor is counting it for my presentation requirement because I am going to tell people about the origin of the recipe and the celebration. So yeah, now to Glenn.

Okay, I guess its my turn to add my two cents to this little endeavor. First and foremost let me just say I had a wonderful time with Michael, Heidi, and their minions. At one particular point Michael confided in me and said that working with the little ones is similar to herding cats. My dad is allergic to cats so I wouldn't know anything about that. Personally I was surprised how quickly I was accepted by their little clan. The natives have accepted me as one of their own. Mission accomplished.

Moving on. Before any of you blow a gasket, let me explain the whole D'n'D social group thing. For those of you with concerns or issues, let me make this abundantly clear. Unless we're getting together on Halloween, NO ONE DRESSES UP! Although Whit does put on temporary tattoos in strange places when she get board, but that's just funny. Each person playing comes up with a character that they are in control of. I think its funny that Whitney and I chose completely opposite character types. I'm playing a holy warrior who's very loyal to his order (even if he does like to mouth off quite a bit). Oh and did I mention he rides a griffon just for kicks? Whit on the other hand is a ranger whose only loyalty is to her puppy. I say puppy but he's actually a wolf the size of a draft horse. Okay enough on that subject before you all start to think I'm deranged.

Recently Whit has been having conflicts with a guy in one of her classes. You've probably all seen the type. The guy who always hogs the one workable outlet for his computer and then he doesn't even take notes. He just watches Youtube videos all through class. So in her typical fashion Whitney dealt out justice to the unsuspecting dope. She bought an multi socketed extension cord for the partially functioning wall outlet. Here's that catch. The extension cord is PINK. Like an "OH MY EYES! I'M BLIND!" hot pink. And guess what? Mr Youtube won't touch it. And now Whit and two other people can plug their computers in and actually take notes. Its a strange site to see in a college setting but still. There it is.

To clarify, the extension chord came after I called custodial to fix one of the plugs. He was bogarting the one three pronged working plug for a two pronged object...he could use the other one but I couldn't and when I pointed it out he just shrugged. The next week he had his cell phone and his computer plugged in and texted and surfed Youtube. I asked him if I could use on of the plugs because my computer was about to die (3 hour class mind you) and he said "well that sucks" and went on texting. All I asked for was 5 minutes but whatever. So, this revenge was very sweet in that it didn't really affect anybody negatively. I provided extra plugs and my computer won't die. Anyway, back to Glenn.

Well that about wraps it up for me. Work is work. I'm giving serious consideration to finding a job where I can actually talk about my job without violating federal law. Work on my book is limping along. I took a break to read Brandon Sanderson's new book. Its the only one published in a series of at least ten. Now I have to wait for who knows how long to get the next installment. Grrrr!!!! Whit refuses to have anything to do with it until the series is finished. I can respect that.

Anyway, that's it for me. See you all later.


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Aaron Nielsen said...

Way of Kings? I like to wait for the series to finish before starting it too, but didn't this time. Now I'm going to pay for it with a long wait. Card's Pathfinder is pretty good if you haven't read that one yet.