Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pets and Homework

Hello again. A brief update on life before I get back to homework. Glenn and I have found a better apartment within our budget with the added bonus of a fireplace. In addition to our three parakeets we now have a black cat named Sherlock Holmes. He is quite the character and lately has taken to hiding his toy mice in Glenn's shoes. Also he has an interesting habit of scooting his water bowl around the kitchen. Glenn is enjoying the little animal; Sherlock is the first cat he has ever been able to have because he is allergic. However Glenn has yet to have any reaction to him and we have had him since early March. We adopted the little guy from a shelter. I didn't even expect to get a cat, I just wanted to look a cute animals and when I was about to put him back into his cage he wrapped his front paws around my neck, no claws. Glenn pet the little guy and rubbed his eyes...an allergy test. An hour later there was still no reaction and we brought the little guy home. Since I have been trying to get off my medication I got prescribed a companion animal. That with regular exercise and I shouldn't have to be on medication for the foreseeable future.

The new apartment is 3.5 miles away from campus so part of my workout routine will consist of walking to and from next term. Some other news: I have been given a great opportunity to do mentored study with a professor in my field. I will be studying Inca micro-climate experimentation and the effects it had on Andean agricultural production. I am debating on whether or not to start studying Quechua. Unlike Nahautl there will be no glyphs and no new numerical systems to memorize. Only the Quipu which still mystify historians. Anyway, if all goes well I may produce a publishable paper. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to my professor's research and be acknowledged in his current work, either way getting my name out into the academic world.

Glenn's work at Utah State Hospital is going well. He keeps applying for permanent positions but nothing so far. So right now he is making a name for himself as a hardworking employee who is somehow able to reach even the most difficult of patients. He hopes to get a permanent position in the Boy's Youth Ward (where he has been given the nickname "The Awesome") or the Children's' unit. Most people see these units like tending a bunch of toddlers who are high on sugar and who have all been given fireworks but Glenn has a calming effect on the kids. The people in the Forensics Units seem to manage better when Glenn works those units.

Anyway, we have yet to get internet set up at the new place so right now I only have BYU's internet. We are slowly gathering furniture, mostly looking around KSL and DI for a couch. I have a lead on a workbench for Glenn. I have a project in the works but I will have to go on more walks to gather the appropriate materials. I'm thinking of making a bookshelf with the supports made from natural wood...branches and the like, with dark stained shelves. Just something to help out with stress, positive though it may be.

I'm in the market for a punching bag so if anyone can recommend a type or brand let me know. Also, I am looking for wall free mounts. So, back to the world of homework I go.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the update! It sounds like you two are doing well, which I'm happy to hear.