Thursday, March 7, 2013

Utah Life

Welcome to the winter where 32 degrees equals T-shirt weather. This winter has been a bit interesting. Glenn is looking into physical therapy programs and I am prepping to do my student teaching in the fall. If all goes well by Winter 2013 I will be celebrating my graduation. Right now we are prepping for the GRE and the Praxis exams and doing research. I am looking into part time work as a substitute teacher which will pretty much serve as teaching boot camp until I get hired to a permanent teaching job (post December) and it will help me learn to enter hostile situations while give a boost to my improvisational skills. Glenn is loosing weight consistently and is feeling great (thanks for those ankle exercises Mike, those are really helping) and he is working on his book which is going well, the mythology he is creating is rather unique (one of the reasons we became good friends in the first place, the man has interesting ideas). Anyway, that is all from here.